Anorak News | Man gets stuck between walls on way home (photos)

Man gets stuck between walls on way home (photos)

by | 12th, March 2013

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HOW well do you know your area? Can you find your own way home?

When Jian Tsui left the pub in Xinqiao village in Wenzhou at Zhejiang province in eastern China, he headed back to his domicile. He was on foot. What happened next, we’ll let him tell you:

“It was very early in the morning and it was also a cold so I decided just to take a shortcut. But I got stuck and realised I was going nowhere – so I tried to go back but then I realised that I couldn’t go back either. I tried calling for help but I couldn’t even breathe in properly so that I could shout.”

After some hours stuck between two walls, Jian was spotted. Locals tried to pull him free, but only succeeded in dragging his face over the bricks. He was cut.

The only thing for it was for one home owner to demolish his side of the wall. Jian was pulled into the lounge and sent on his way.

He took a novel route, and one filmmakers might care to consider for a remake of The Swimmer, the film in which Burt Lancaster uses friends’ garden swimming pools to make his way back home. Only, this time the hero walks through lounges. And if gets stuck, you can use him as novelty insulation:


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