Anorak News | Dance hall groper pleads Gangnam Style defence in Perth court

Dance hall groper pleads Gangnam Style defence in Perth court

by | 13th, March 2013

DEREK Kerr, 36, says he did not intent to feel up a stranger in a club. He says it was all a terrific misunderstanding. And you can blame Psy, the singer of Gangnam Style.

Mr Kerr was at The Gig in Blairgowrie. He tells the court what occurred:

“The Gangnam Style song was on and I was doing the horse-riding moves, as well as jumping up and down.” 

Gangnam was a dressage event until Kerr brought it into the jump season.

Our partron, Old Mr Anorak, says he would have sentenced Kerr to 10 years hard labour for being 36 and dancing like a ‘gymkhana girl’. Kerr’s excuse seems to be based on the notion that novelty dances are reserved for the limb negligible dancer. He has no control over his own body. This is one reason the pop group Madness was so popular. They did a dance that anyone could do. Moreover, the Time Warp, the YMCA, the Freddie and the Monkey are dances that anyone can do.

But Kerr’s defence failed.

You see, one woman was given “quite a fright” when dance jockey Kerr groped her breast. He then put his hand up another woman’s dress and rubbed her thigh.

Perth sheriff Eric Brown sentenced Kerr to 100 hours of unpaid work and made to sign the sex offenders’ register.

He is not banned from dancing Gangam Style.

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