Anorak News | City bans man with high IQ banned from being a policeman

City bans man with high IQ banned from being a policeman

by | 14th, March 2013

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ROBERT Jordan was barred from being a policeman with the New London, Connecticut, force because he was too clever. He scored 33 points in his police entrance exams. That’s too high. Says Jordan:

“This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class. I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye colour or your gender or anything else.”

Jordan took the test in 1996. His test results indicated an IQ of around 125. New London police officials did not interview Jordan. They did, however, interview applicants who scored between 20 to 27 (IQ: 104).

The average score across the USA for police officers is 21 to 22 (IQ: 104). If you’re deemed to be clever the fear is you won’t blend in with the rest of the cops.

Jordan says he’s the victim of discrimination. He sued the city. And he lost. The U.S. District Court ruled that New London had “shown a rational basis for the policy”.

Jordan then went to work as a…prison guard.

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