Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s London Marathon ‘death threat’ sickens Frankie Boyle’s Sun

Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s London Marathon ‘death threat’ sickens Frankie Boyle’s Sun

by | 17th, March 2013

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MADELEINE McCann: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the missing child in the news. As another anniversary of her vanishing approaches, the mainstream media one again picks up the story:

The Sun: “Marathon gun nut’s threat to kill Kate”

Cops probe vile web death threat to mum of missing Madeleine

Who has threatened to murder Kate McCann? And why?

A SICK internet troll has threatened to gun down Kate McCann as she runs the London Marathon, it emerged yesterday.


Cops are trying to trace the user who made the chilling comments on Facebook.

Kate McCann is running for the Missing People charity. Godo for her. But what did this “sick troll” write?

Under a link to a newspaper story on the event, the weirdo wrote: “Well I am going. Anyone got a gun? BBBanggggg!”

The Sun claims it came from someone using the name ‘Sheila Basher’.

The paper adds:

Other trolls, who have made Kate and husband Gerry’s lives hell with smears, piled in with further sick comments. One warped user wrote: “What would really spook her is if she is surrounded by a group all wearing Madeleine face masks.” A few made jokes about entering police sniffer dogs into the event to chase after Kate.

Would she have seen the comments had they not been pointed out to her? Would we have seen them had a source not pointed them out to the Sun? Comments on obscure web page are sick, goes the story. Well, yes, they often are.

And if that is “warped” and “sick” why does the Sun continue to employ Frankie Boyle, who said Madeleine McCann was dead and being shagged by Jimmy Savile in Heaven? Why are the Facebook comments about Maddie masks a “smear” and Boyle’s comments part of an act that gets him a column in the Sun?

Here’s the McCann’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, to tell us:

“This material has been brought to the attention of the police. One of the posts is actually a death threat and is being dealt with appropriately.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman is reported to have said:

“We are aware of the comments posted online. These are currently being assessed.”

The Express has news of where the offending comments could be found:

The anonymous owner of the web page carrying the offensive material wrote: “Watching over the diseased and perverted minds of those who troll and attack the family of missing Madeleine McCann, I in no way endorse what these vile people are doing and saying. I am showing how depraved they are.”

That site is called Watching The Trolls (WTT). It tells us:

The Hate Mob post on a Facebook page called the Madeleine Controversy see here.

It’s a link to a Facebook group about the innocent child’s disappearance. It states:

If you are curious about the case, please join our friendly group for lively discussion and news updates.

Not that hard to find, then, if you know where to look. A Lesly Finn writes:

NOTICE Mark Bashford’s post ‘Ode to Madeleine’ has been deleted as a precautionary measure because of reported Twitter interest. Because of the very disturbing exposure today in the Sunday papers resulting from the thread about Kate McCann’s intention to run in a Marathon said poem has been removed for the time being. It may be re-instated at a later date after due consideration by Admin…  I am tired and its been an extremely upsetting day … I am sick of dealing with posters out to make a name for themselves or out to make trouble …. go into the naughty corner right now.

You can read the alleged comments on WTT.

Such are the facts.

You can sponsor Kate McCann here.

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