Anorak News | Elephant seal uses zebra crossing in Brazil [VIDEO]

Elephant seal uses zebra crossing in Brazil [VIDEO]

by | 20th, March 2013

CHARLES Falklands 4

ONCE upon a time, mankind was feared by all of the animal kingdom because we were very, very good at killing all beasts for food, clothing and sport. However, we’ve become bloated and anaemic and spend our time tittering at creatures when they get above their station.

When we’re not slaves to cats or dressing dogs up in Juicy couture tracksuits, they’re wandering around our habitat with the kind of swagger not seen since Rick James was alive.

The latest hooting animal to wobble into view is a bored elephant seal who idly decided to stop traffic in Brazil for no good reason.

Walking through a busy precinct in the Brazilian beach resort Balneario Camboriu, the animal decided that the Atlantic Ocean was thunderously boring. Obviously, this seal has played Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis for American readers).

This half tonne idiot stopped traffic for over an hour while yapping humans gawped and threw buckets of water at it, desperately trying to come up with “why did the elephant seal cross the road?” jokes. And failing.

The creature’s impromptu shopping trip was accompanied eventually by the police and rescue crews and, after finding out how boring the seaside is, left Santa Catarina and trundled back to the water after annoying all the local drivers.

Have a look at the silly spectacle here.

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