Anorak News | Blue Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff sells for £1million

Blue Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff sells for £1million

by | 21st, March 2013

Bonhams Tretchikoff Chinese Girl sale

THE original Blue Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff has been sold at auction for £982,050. Painted by the South African settled Russian émigré, the exotic, otherworldly Blue Lady is not to everyone’s taste. In 1974, when Woolworth’s Blue Lady posters were being slapped on a million home walls, William Feaver called it “the most unpleasant work to be published in the 20th century. You’ve got flat form, hair that is not hair at all but is simply an opaque layer of dull and insipid paint. You have shoulders which have no substance, you have muzzy line work”.

British  jeweller Laurence Graff now owns the memorable Space age Mona Lisa.  

Fact: Blue Lady is based on a real person: Monika Sing-Lee, who was working in her family’s launderette in Cape Town when Tretchikoff asked her to model for him. And we can revels that the picture is exactly what she looked like.

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