Anorak News | Boris Berezovsky commits suicide just like Gareth Williams did

Boris Berezovsky commits suicide just like Gareth Williams did

by | 24th, March 2013

Boris Berezovsky

HOW do you report on the death of exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky? The 67-year-old was fond in his Berkshire pile. His body was found by his bodyguard. It was in the bath. You know, the place where fibres get washed down life’s plughole.

(Gareth Williams died in the bath at his London flat. There was a Russian connection. The MI6 worker committed suicide, so they say. Looks like The billionaire exile might have down the same. PS:  Robert Maxwell died at sea. No need to wait for the tycoon to take a batch when when he’s onboard a big boat.)

Call us suspicious, but if we see a puppy sat next to small mountain of poo, we jump to conclusions.

Add to that the the news that “sources close to him said he had recently talked about suicide” and another look at that puppy reveals he’s not used the toilet roll.

Thames Valley police said this morning that the officers “are conducting a number of searches as a precaution”.

Would you buy that house without having a Geiger counter give it the thrice over?

Berezovsky revently lost a legal row with Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club. Russian leader Vladimir Putin didn’t like him. In Russia, bomb was left in his car. The blast decapitated his chauffeur. There were rumours of a plot to off him at the Hilton on London’s Park Lane.

However, Lord Bell, the former Tory spin doctor who was one of his advisers, adds:

“He had no money: he had lost it all. He was unbelievably depressed.”

Alex Goldfarb, who until recently ran Berezovsky’s human rights foundation in New York, says:

“I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago and he sounded normal.”

Nikolai Glushkov, a friend adds:

“This death is very unusual. Although Boris was depressed, his death has to be explained in detail.”

Oh, and Berezovsky was schedule to act as a witness in the inquest of the former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who was killed by poison in London.

So. How do you report on that?


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Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky yacht "Thunder B" is seen in the harbor of Golfe Juan, southeastern France, Saturday, Feb. 19 2011. French authorities seized two yachts docked on the French Riviera belonging to Berezovsky, a fierce critic of the Kremlin, on the demand of Russian authorities because they are pursuing him for fraud. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)


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