Anorak News | ‘Hypocrite’ Piers Morgan and his ‘buddy’ Snoop Dogg prove the gun nuts right

‘Hypocrite’ Piers Morgan and his ‘buddy’ Snoop Dogg prove the gun nuts right

by | 24th, March 2013

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PIERS Morgan wants tighter gun control in the US of A. The CNN host can be seen posing with Snoop Dogg on his Twitter profile. This makes him a hypocrite, right?

@JeromeEHudson thinks so. He tweets (via):

I’m not sure if the Sandy Hook families will approve of your “buddy” relationship with a rapper who glorifies shooting people. @piersmorgan

@BenHowe thinks so. He tweets:

I had no idea that @piersmorgan‘s twitter cover was him posing with a guy that made his fortune rapping about shooting ppl (and may have).

Snoop Dogg hasn’t shot anyone. His news song is No Guns Allowed featuring his daughter Cori B and Drake. He says of it:

 “We don’t want to see no more innocent blood shed. Me don’t want for see no more youth dead.”

The chorus trills:

“No guns allowed in here tonight. We’re going to have a free-for-all, no fights.”

Drake sings an echo of the National Rifle Association’s reasoning: it’s not guns that kill people; it’s the people who use them:

“Bullets do not pick a victim/It’s the shooter that picks ‘em.”

Tweets Morgan:

My buddy @SnoopDogg > RT @JHalliday11 @piersmorgan best gangsta rapper of all time?

Morgan has spoken about gun control in the US:

“I can pop down to Walmart – the American equivalent of Tesco – and buy 100 bullets. I cannot, however, buy six packs of Sudafed because it’s deemed harmful for my health or a Kinder egg because apparently the toy is a choking hazard. It’s ridiculous.”


“More than a million people have been killed with guns since Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968.”

The Daily Mirror has puffed their former editor:

Dad-of-four Piers… first took up the anti-gun cause in 1996, while editor of the Daily Mirror. He recalls sobbing while watching TV footage of parents howling at the thought of what might have happened to their five-year-old kids in the Dunblane massacre.

His ITV1 series Life Stories last week featured Lorraine Kelly and two bereaved Dunblane parents the Scottish presenter grew close to after the tragedy. “They thanked me for what I was doing,” Piers says. “It meant a lot. If we can just save one life, then all this is worthwhile.”

He said:

“There are too many guns out there, and too many criminals and mentally deranged people keen to use them.”

He said gun users displayed a “twisted logic” in saying that guns offer protection against the armed and dangerous:

“The gun-lobby logic dictates that the only way to defend against gun criminals is for everyone else to have a gun, too. Teachers, nurses, clergymen, shop assistants, cinema usherettes – everyone must be armed. To me, this is a warped, twisted logic that bears no statistical analysis and makes no sense. Do you fight drug addiction with more cocaine? Alcoholism with more Jack Daniel’s? Of course not.

“But woe betide anyone who dares suggest this.”

So. What about Snoop?

In August 1993, Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee, shot and killed Phillip Woldermarian. Snoop had been driving a jeep in which Lee was a passenger when the shooting occured. Snoop and Lee were charged in connection with the killing. Both were acquitted of a murder charge. Lee had acted in self-defence. Wodlermarian was armed and had reached for his gun.

So. The fact that Lee was armed might well have saved his own and Snoop’s lives?

The LA Times reported:

The foreman said that the panel took 15 ballots on the manslaughter charges and that the latest produced a 9-3 split, but he did not say whether the panel favored acquittal or conviction on manslaughter. Unanimous agreement is required for a verdict.

He also said the jury was deadlocked on the charge of conspiracy after the fact, which stems from allegations that Broadus attempted to destroy evidence in the Jeep Cherokee he was driving on the evening of the shooting.

Prosecutors portrayed the killing as a coldblooded murder, saying Woldemariam was shot in the back and buttocks after he tried to flee from a confrontation with Broadus and Lee at Woodbine Park. Defense lawyers, however, argued that Woldemariam was going for a gun in his waistband when Lee fired from the passenger seat of the Jeep. They described Woldemariam as a hotheaded gang member who was angry that the rapper had moved into his territory.

In July 1993, police found a firearm in Snoop’s  car. In February 1997, he pleaded guilty to possession of a handgun and was ordered to record three public service announcements, pay a $1,000 fine, and serve three years’ probation.

So. Being armed might save your life. Being friends with Snoop doesn’t make Moran a hypocrite. It just illustrated that his argument is wrong. Guns can save lives.

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