Anorak News | Dorset shops bans ‘foreingers’ (anyone who lives 30 miles or more away)

Dorset shops bans ‘foreingers’ (anyone who lives 30 miles or more away)

by | 25th, March 2013


TO Dorset, where Mark Galpin, owner of the Aladdin’s Cave shop in Christchurch has banned tourists from entering.

Mr Galpin displays “clear and polite” signs outside the shop banning anyone living further than a 30-mile radius of the store. His shop is close to a bus depot, and he says the tourists waiting for a ride walk in and kill time. They don’t buy. 

Peter Watson-Lee, chairman of Christchurch Chamber of Commerce, is displeased:

“We are working hard in selling Christchurch as a lovely place to come to and to attract more tourists. We have got one eccentric and it’s just so depressing. I just hope people aren’t put off coming to Christchurch because of this. It’s really very upsetting to people, it’s quite unpleasant.”

Anorak rather likes the idea of turning a shop into a private members’ club. How Mr Galpin wil ascertain who lives within the zone of tolerance is unsaid, but we’d suggest him slipping a password into the local newspapers.   Something like “Open Sesame” should do it, although it runs the risk of being predictable. How about “Are you local?”, “Roundhead or Cavalier?” or the simple “For Albion”.


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