Anorak News | Apple device makes cracked screens impossible

Apple device makes cracked screens impossible

by | 25th, March 2013

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BEHOLD! The “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device” will make it impossible for your iPhone, iPad or iPod to fall corner-first down and shatter the screen. It works on any device – including TVs in rock star’s hotel rooms.

Files at theU.S. Patent and Trademark Office illustrate a mechanism that shifts the centre of balance as the device falls. Before it hits the ground, the mechanism causes the product to twist in mid-air. The crash will result in minimum damage.

The patent tells us:

In one example, the protective mechanism is configured to alter the device orientation as the device is falling. This may allow a less vulnerable portion of the device to impact the surface at the end of a freefall. For example, the protective mechanism may be activated to rotate the device so that it may impact a surface on its edge, rather than on a screen portion.

Of course, the mechanism could be calibrated to do the exact opposite, to cause your expensive gadget to move into the optimum positon to make it shatter. This patent was lodged in 2011. It’s yet to be made. Conspiracy theorists nursing cracked screens can make a link…

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