Anorak News | Man alerted to dog poo menace tripped and fell on wife

Man alerted to dog poo menace tripped and fell on wife

by | 26th, March 2013


TODAY’S example of Nominative Determinism, the phenomenon whereby human beings’ lives are shaped by their names, features Lincolnshire couple Michael and Anna Webster. Each slipped and fell because of dog poo. They both fell while walking along Old School Mews in Spilsby.

He says:

“My wife pointed towards some you know what on the footpath, I turned to look where she was pointing, missed the step, tripped and fell on her, she broke her arm, I fractured my wrist and landed on my ribs. It was partially my fault that I had fallen over and it was very unfortunate that I landed on my wife but my attention had been diverted because of the dog mess.” 

He adds:

 “Someone should be taken to court and prosecuted to make an example of them. It’s very irresponsible and uncaring, and with the amount of it we get round here it’s become a really big problem, particularly when it ends up on prams and mobility scooters – it’s not very pleasant.”

The Websters aside, can it be argued that the presence of dog poo has resulted in fewer pavement-related injuries, the populace busy looking at the ground for turds and thus more likely to spot cracks and uneven surfaces?

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