Anorak News | Lolipop men banned from high-fiving students

Lolipop men banned from high-fiving students

by | 27th, March 2013


THE Melbourne council banned Bayside lollipop man Graham Sanderson, 60, from high-fiving students who successfully cross the road.

Sanderson was upset. A fellow lollipop man, billed only as Alan, tells us:

“I just feel I’ve got about 50 odd nationalities at my school and I reckon I’ve got 275 kids in the school and out of that 275 kids I reckon I’d have about 175 that speak English and the rest don’t. We have to gain their confidence to use the school crossing, if they don’t like us, they won’t.”

“That’s how I got by, by high-fiving. I’ve been doing it, high-fiving for nearly all the time I’ve been there. We’ve been told we’re not to do it, but I keep doing it anyway.”

Council spokesperson Fran Duiker reviewed the decision:

“Graham can continue to high five and greet the children in a friendly and appropriate manner every morning and afternoon. If you don’t want Graham to high five, please ask him not to high five your child.”

Even if the non-high-five leads to their detain doom beneath a car’s wheels.

But why not stick with the tried-and-tested thumbs up, or the smart salute?

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