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Roofing: taking photographs from the top of tall buildings

by | 27th, March 2013

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A FEW things make Old Mr Anorak go weak at the knees: Diana Dors, Camilla Parker-Bowles, bad oysters, a long walk and Liam Brady. But above all the thing that gets the knees turned to a jelly-like mess is heights. I agree. I was fine until I climbed the narrow, hot, stuffy path to the top of the Duomo in Florence. I’d scaled the Statue of Liberty’s arm, World Trade Centre and more. But Florence was the turning point. Coming from the darkness into the open, light space, I looked up and then I looked down. The world span. The ground swirled downwards, helter skelter-like. I wanted to jump. Why delay the inevitable? I was certain to fall. So. Jump. It reveals no secret to say that I didn’t. I am not writing this from a Petri dish in an Italian pavement research hospital. I got onto my hands and knees, and holding my friend’s leg inched around the gallery. I vowed never to go up something high again. Trips to Paris, Rio, Lisbon and Toronto and involved not going to see the view from the top.

So. I’m not going to be a Roofer’, like Vadim Mahorov and Vitaliy Yakhnenko, who climb tall buildings and take pictures from the top.

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We’ve seen those crazy Russian climb towers before
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