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The 19 greatest Christian gifts

by | 1st, April 2013

YESTERDAY’S news of religious Easter eggs piqued our appetite for further Christian gifts with which to enhance our enjoyment of the holiday.

Here are just some of the myriad delights we discovered.

‘Inspired by scripture’


Holy Testamint!


She thinks she’s God’s gift. And she is!


And so are they!

Remember, as Jesus said, here’s nothing a nice cuppa can’t make better.

JEsus brews

Contains mystery ingredient. The Lord!


Feeling dirty? Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so fret no more.

jesus cleans

Let’s rock! With Jesus!!

jesus rocks
And now for something for the whole family. If you like it, there’s plenty more where this came from, courtesy of the Junior Christian Scientist Bible Lesson Show. Praise the Lord and pass the Christian nachos!

OK, that’s enough fun.

Time for bed, and don’t forget to go to the toilet…


…and say your prayers…

Jesus statues

Good night everyone. Sweet dreams.


Tough love. But that’s what you get when you play poker with the wrong chips, folks.




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