Anorak News | Man has full back tattoo… of Taggart

Man has full back tattoo… of Taggart

by | 2nd, April 2013

taggart tattoo

WHEN trying to think of the worst or oddest tattoos you’ve ever seen, your mind may make an immediate leap to ill-advised tramp-stamps, dodgy Winnie The Pooh tats that people got when they were 16 or Chinese symbols that are supposed to say ‘life’, but actually say ‘bell-end’.

Well, a chap called John Cuthbert may have topped the lot with a full back tattoo of Jim Taggart, the eponymous character from the Scottish crime drama. Feel free to say ‘it’s murder’ in a Scottish accent to yourself.

John’s tat has actually won an award too for the best Scottish-themed tattoo at a convention.

Scottish Tattoo Convention organisers in Edinburgh said the piece, which also featured the Finnieston crane, was the “perfect embodiment of a Scottish tattoo”.

Cuthbert said:

“Taggart is something that every Scotsman knows and it’s pretty much unique to our country. It’s got the Glasgow skyline alongside McManus’s face – who for me is just amazing. But James MacPherson is also good and will be added later along with other iconic references to Glasgow.”


Cuthbert added that his wife, Joanne, need to get used to the unique tattoo:

“She is fully supportive about this. But I think at first when she rolled over in the night and saw McManus’ face staring back, she was getting a bit of a shock.”

Feel free to hit us up with your favourite weird, wonderful, peculiar or downright awful tattoos in the comments. We’d like to give a shout for the bloke who got a full thigh tattoo of Andy Cole in his Newcastle kit, the day he joined Manchester United.

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