Anorak News | Selected short film of the day: Let It Rain

Selected short film of the day: Let It Rain

by | 3rd, April 2013

let it rain

SHORT film of the day is Let It Rain. The tagline isĀ When it rains, he pours. It’s like an Australian version of Stick Guns, the British films about fighting in the woods.

And more of it, we say. Going to the cinema used to be a chance to see a selected short before the main show. Now you get the ads, the warnings to turn your phone off and threats about recording the film you’ve paid to see lest you, erm, see it again (one viewing is all you get, folks) and cinemas turn to dust. You used to get that great adverts for Tia Maria, Kia-Ora, Lyons Maid ices, Frankie’s hotdogs, a smoking section, ushers with neck-strap trays andĀ Pearl and Dean titles. And then you got to watch a short film.

Time to bring the selected short back:

Ok. Have an other one:

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