Anorak News | Fast food joints! Beware the headless driver! (video)

Fast food joints! Beware the headless driver! (video)

by | 11th, April 2013

headless prank

IMAGINE you worked for a burger chain and someone drove into the drive-thru… without a head. Would your blood chill to icy levels or would years of watching schlocky b-movies make you laugh like a drain (or attack them with a flame-thrower)?

Well, one chap got to find out and the answer, generally speaking, is a mixture of screaming and bemusement. Humans, it seems, are not at all equipped to deal with the paranormal in a profound way.

Alas, this headless driver was a prank by a YouTuber called ‘MagicOfRahat’ and, in short, it is BRILLIANT.

He drives through without a head, leaving people squealing and hollering, gathering their colleagues around for a look. One lady screams so much that the joker did well not to crack up inside his headless suit.

He has previous too, as he previously spooked out fast food workers by being invisible (which you can see here).

Let us together watch the video where a headless man orders burgers and frazzles the brains of those in the service industry.

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