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Arsenal: Arsene Wenger gets help from aliens

by | 5th, April 2013


GOOD news for Arsenal fans. Cosmic powers are guiding Arsene Wenger. Stephany Cohen, 52, a former policewoman of Bromley, London, says alien races –  Grays, Cat People and the half-reptile, half-alien Reptilians (but not Stan Kroenke) –  are helping Britain’s economy:

“The people of Britain need not be too down – Reptilians are helping. They are working with people’s minds, in the background, to steer the economy in the right direction. It is a very bad time for everyone but recovery will happen in its own time, at the right time.”

A quicker way to help would be for the aliens to make appearances over the country and allow the State to charge for tickets to see the show. But what about the Gunners? Can aliens turn around the team’s fortunes?

“The Grays offer guidance to Mr Wenger. At the moment they are telling him he needs to get rid of a whole lot of people and bring in a stronger squad – especially in the defence. He also needs to let assistant manager Steve Bould do his job. Mr Wenger likes to do everything but he is not good at everything.”

Are Grays from another planet (see above)? And is Wenger over the moon?

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