Anorak News | 666-metres-long fire-breathing dragon bridge opens in Vietnam

666-metres-long fire-breathing dragon bridge opens in Vietnam

by | 6th, April 2013

Dragon bridge han river

LANDMARKS can be pretty much anything. New York has the Statue of Liberty. London has Big Ben. Australia has big prawns. And Berkshire had ‘Matt The Talc’, who used to sit outside Spackman’s of Newbury. Every thrusting new town and city needs a symbol of its greatness. So, the burgers of Da Nang, Vietnam, are delighted to show off the fire-breathing, water-spitting dragon over the Han River that opened for traffic last week.

The bridge is 666 metres long and 37.5 metres wide. It channels six lanes for traffic. 

The dragon simulates the shape of the dragon in the Ly Dynasty, it says here, “a symbolic creature that is part of Vietnamese folklore”.

Note: Paris is said to be jealous. Having copied the London Eye, the city’s leaders are hoping to import the Dragon over the River Seine for next summer’s Car-B-Que.

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

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