Anorak News | All hail the drunk Russian tank driver!

All hail the drunk Russian tank driver!

by | 9th, April 2013

russian tank driver

REMEMBER during the Cold War, everyone being thunderingly terrified of the Russians? They were efficient like Germans, but brutal like they were feral! And they had gnarly scars and punched bears for a laugh!

Oh the Russians! So strong, tough and well-drilled!

However, it isn’t the Cold War anymore. And it turns out the Russian Army is filled with hapless booze-hounds who hilariously can’t control their vehicles.

And so, to the delightful Russian soldier who crashed his tank into a lamp post after wobbling around the road like a lunatic learner.

Footage of the incident was shot by Ivan Ivanov in Ryazan, Russia and he caught the driver of the BMD tank making a pig’s ear of the situation. Alas, the driver of the tank is now facing charges after it was determined he was controlling the vehicle drunk.

You can’t half tell. Have a look.

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