Anorak News | Remember the game Snake? Want to see what it looks like to complete it?

Remember the game Snake? Want to see what it looks like to complete it?

by | 10th, April 2013

NOKIA made the game, Snake, as popular as Tetris and infuriated mobile phone users the world over. Controlling the near formless blocky greedyguts was a nightmare once you got stuck into it for a couple of minutes, constantly chasing a lifeless square of food in a cold, desolate environment.

The snake, of course, wasn’t allowed to touch its own tail or it would die, so what happens when you complete the game? Once you run out of space, surely the only thing left for the snake to do, is to devour itself?

This is a question that has puzzled anyone who has tried the game, since it was released in 1976.

Well, chances are, not one of you lot has ever seen Snake completed… UNTIL NOW.┬áSomeone’s made a GIF of what happens when you clock the game!

Of course, this being an old game, the ending is rather disappointing (don’t even bring up the levels of exasperation that occurred after this writer finally finished Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on his ZX Spectrum, only to be rewarded with a line of text which said “let’s go get pizza”).

When the game ends, you get Russian text, which roughly translates into: “And now we’ll show you a cartoon. Connection to server … No connection. Thanks. Everybody’s free to go.”

Have a look for yourself.

snake completed

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