Anorak News | Hospital cleaner playing doctor chops off child’s finger

Hospital cleaner playing doctor chops off child’s finger

by | 11th, April 2013

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TO Rajasthan, India. With no medics available, a cleaner named Badri Lal is treating one-year-old Sadiq Khan. He’s attempting to remove an intra-cath from the child’s wrist.

It’s tricky. He spots some scissors. He tries gain.

“He was trying to take the adhesive tapes off the intra-cath with the scissors when he chopped off the child’s finger,” said an official. Ever the cleaner, Lal then dropped the the finger in a bin. < Sadiq’s father, Allah Rakha, is not pleased:

“My child was admitted to the hospital three days back after a sudden fever. However, he recovered fast and was to be discharged last evening. It was then that we asked the hospital staff to remove the intra-cath so that Sadiq could be taken home. But fate had other things in store. My child has been handicapped for ever. Till now the chopped finger has not been found.”

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