Anorak News | New England rugby kit plans victory through steady vomiting

New England rugby kit plans victory through steady vomiting

by | 11th, April 2013


RUGBY has always done okay when it comes to their kits, preferring to go plain and simple. This has led to much derision being aimed at football with its silly, fancy-dan jerseys which date quicker than yoghurt.

However, the release of the England Sevens home and away kits will put an end to that, in what has to be one of the most putrid shirts ever worn in any sport. Presumably, England will be hoping to win this summer’s World Cup and the 2013-14 World Series by making the opposition so nauseous that they faint through steady vomiting.

As you can see, the kits are covered in a puke of triangles. Apparently, the home kit features a pixellated image of the red rose emblem across the torso, while the away top is based on the same triangulated image, zoomed in to the power of 10.

Designer Canterbury reckons these kits reflect “the fluidity and speed involved in the game”.

The RFU have been mucking about with Sevens designs for a while now (who remembers the “Tequila Sunrise” shirt or the ghastly one with hi-vis strips? Or indeed, the shirt that looked like someone had been stabbed in the throat?)

It is safe to say that sales of these shirts won’t be too hot.

What’s your worst kit ever?

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