Anorak News | The greatest most terrifying buried alive moments in film history

The greatest most terrifying buried alive moments in film history

by | 12th, April 2013

buried alive

BEING buried alive is right up there in the list of things you fear most.

YOUTUBER jethack shows us the Mysterious Swaying Plant. He says it’s creepy. It is. But when I saw it I stated to think of The Vanishing, the Dutch film in which a man is buried alive. Jewthack walks off with his video to post on YouTube. He never digs beneath the wavering plant. And in a box beneath the soil a man with only a stem to breath through, screams…

Presenting the Best Buried Alive Scenes in Film.

The Vanishing

The Screaming Woman

The Candy Snatchers



Patrick Stewart played his drug lord role with relish, especially since it is such a change for him recently. From the press packet: With his role as the captain of the starship Enterprise, “I became everything synonymous with honor, intelligence, and rectitude,” he says. “Loomis is a delightful and refreshing alternative to that.” Indeed. In his very first appearance, we see him sitting at an open grave, where he calmly has his wife buried alive.

The Big Carnival

The Serpent and the Rainbow

Blood Simple

White Zombie

Tales of Terror

Kill Bill (Vol 2)



Premature Burial

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