Anorak News | Who took 1000 pigeons from Trafalgar Square and can we all praise him?

Who took 1000 pigeons from Trafalgar Square and can we all praise him?

by | 15th, April 2013

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WHO has removed / stolen 1,000 pigeons  / feathered vermin from Trafalgar Square? And can we all give him a round of applaus?

The Independent calls him a “culprit”. You might call him a pest controller.

What we know about the man is that he is in his twenties, white, wears blue overalls and a red baseball cap.

Bernie Rayner, a licensed seed seller, tells the paper:

“There are around 4,000 pigeons here. I reckon a quarter of them have gone in the last few weeks. I challenged him and he claimed he was a member of a pigeon racing club in Peckham and they were for competition. But they are too old and out of condition for racing.”

That’s ageist!

While Mr Rayner grabbles with the Olympic legacy, we learn that police and officials from the Heritage Department says the pigeon fancier could prosecution under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. But then we learn that he could not be arrested because “pinching pigeons is not theft – there are no constraints on their flight paths.

But Defra says it is an offence to “intentionally kill, injure, or take any wild bird”.  There’s more here.

Roy Riggs says he confronted the man. He says:

“There is a strong suspicion these pigeons are ending up in pies rather than in races. They are probably being sold to Greek restaurants as they are some sort of delicacy out there.”

Round up the Greeks. Never mind the native Britons who sing about baking blackbirds for the King. Just get the Greeks. We hear from Michael Frangos, owner of Beotys restaurant in Covent Garden:

“The Greeks and Cypriots do love pigeons as well as partridges, pheasant and thrushes but they are cooked over charcoal with lemon juice, never put into pies. Few Greek restaurants here would serve pigeon.”

What about “wild chicken”? The Indy has a word of warning:

If eaten, even when cooked in a sauce with a well glazed crust, they are likely to make people very ill.

But no-one has bene ill. Just like no-one had gotten ill from eating horse disguised as cow. Don’t condemn the man. Praise him. Trafalgar Square is now a farm. Give him his own show on Channel 4.

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