Anorak News | Biking Boofheads told to stop bragging about sex lives

Biking Boofheads told to stop bragging about sex lives

by | 16th, April 2013


IN Brisbane, Australia, Tennyson Ward councillor Nicole Johnston has started a petition. She wants Brisbane City Council to erect signs commanding cyclists to keep the noise down. A local woman explains the problem to the Courier Mail:

”It’s a big issue, I get contacted on a weekly basis about the noise… Some of it’s what they got up to the previous night and how drunk they were and who they shagged…. Maybe a resident said something to him but every day at 6am you could hear him yelling out `wanker!'”

Bicycle Queensland general manager Ben Wilson has more on cyclists with horns:

“There’s no doubt there are some great big boofhead blokes in some of these groups who would be the sort of people who are loud in the pub and they’re loud out there, so we want other riders to say ‘hey, pull your head in mate.'”

Oh for those simple days when bikes were fixed to the floors of health clubs. The pelotons of gym rats would just stare at each other’s sweaty arses and dream of one day catching them up…

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