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Louisiana bans saggy jeans

by | 16th, April 2013

saggy jeans

PEOPLE, for some reason, get the hump about the way other people wear clothes. Be it too much cleavage, a hijab, a comedy slogan or the tightness of trousers, people who don’t have to wear any of these items go batshit mental because they believe that everyone should dress ‘appropriately’, subscribing to a vague set of imagined rules by people who have absolutely no right.

And so, we look to America where some idiots have decided to fine people if their trousers are deemed to be ‘too low’. You’ve seen it before – young people wear their jeans so they ride low, leaving a bit of underwear on show. People get incredibly irritated by this fashion trend, when of course, they shouldn’t be gawping at people’s arses anyway, the mucky buggers.

In the US state of Louisiana, the Terrebonne Parish has made it illegal to wear baggy trousers and those caught with their trousers down (slightly) will be forced pay penalties.

Anyone caught for the first time will have to pay a $50 fine. A second offence will set you back $100. A third occasion will see pant-wearers coughing up $100 PLUS 16 hours of community service. Anyone who persists after a third offence will be sent to court to sort it out with a judge.

A local NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) chief was in favour of the ban, saying: “There is nothing positive about people wearing saggy pants. This is not a black issue, this is not a white issue, this is a people issue… Young men who were in prison who wanted to have sex with other men would send a signal to another man with his pants below his waist.”

So it is bad to be gay now is it?

This, of course, is Louisiana where it is completely fine for the government to kill people through capital punishment, but not wear your jeans how you’d like to. This is the same Louisiana that is quicker to pull the pants up of its residents than it is willing to speedily help out the people of New Orleans who suffered Hurricane Katrina.


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