Anorak News | Have 4chan found the Boston Marathon bomber?

Have 4chan found the Boston Marathon bomber?

by | 17th, April 2013

HAVE the folks at 4Chan located the Boston Marathon bomber?

boston marathon 4chan

The Boston Police Department has requested that the public send in any videos of the Boston Marathon. They will surely reveal clues.  Alexis Madrigal notes: 

If Federal or local police do need help [with video analysis], they could reach out to Digital Media Evidence Processing Lab at the University of Indianapolis, which is run by the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association. …

After the Vancouver riots, police in that city brought the video they received from citizens to the lab. “Working around-the-clock shifts, analysts and technicians examined more than 5,000 hours of video while tagging more than 15,000 criminal events and individuals,” trade journal Evidence Magazine wrote in 2012. “The approach proved quite powerful. Whereas investigators required four months to process just 100 hours of video after the riots in 1994, the thousands of hours of video recorded in 2011 were processed and initially tagged in just two weeks.”

And why not open it up to everyone on the web? Show us all the images and let us seek out the nutcase(s)? The people at 4chan are way ahead of you:

boston marathon 4chan 2 boston marathon 4chan 1

For what it;s worth, the chap in these photos looks like his backpack is far too light. If you have any information don’t post names online, tell the police. We don’t need more innocent people being affected.

Over at Reddit, more sleuthing is underway.


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