Anorak News | Boston Marathon bombs: confronted by horror the people are not terrorised just closer together

Boston Marathon bombs: confronted by horror the people are not terrorised just closer together

by | 17th, April 2013

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AFTER the bombs ruined lives at the Boston marathon we learned again that terrorism destroys.  It frightens and reduces. But it doesn’t win. Life goes on. Society holds together. Today. around 1000 journalists are stood outside the Boston Federal Courthouse. News is that a man has been arrested.

The Boston Globe claims: “Suspect being taken to US District Court in South Boston.”

The Boston Police Department counters: “Despite reports to the contrary there has not been an arrest in the Marathon attack.”

But we’re not surprised if the culprits are caught. We expect them to be. We expect to win. We all want to see who did it.

And life goes on.

The picture above was taken yesterday as the crowd sang along to Sweet Caroline as a tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions before the bottom of the eighth inning of a baseball game between the Miami Marlins and the Washington Nationals. The song by Neil Diamond has been a longtime fixture as a fan sing-along during the bottom of the eighth inning of Boston Red Sox games. And the really important thing for sports fans: the Marlins won 8-2. 

The physical pain for the victims is acute. But the the physical does not dicate the emotional and psychological. What stands out from the photographs of the devastation is the coming together of people. Many rushed towards those horror. They went to help. They didn’t think. They acted.

And those who were not there helped. created a Google doc. On it people reached out to strangers:

* I don’t live in the city–but can come get anyone who needs a place to stay

* Two double beds available in a single family house in Medford.

* We have plenty of space if you are looking for a spot. Please be safe!

* Inman Sq. is a pretty long walk from downtown, but if you have a way to get here we are happy to help. We have an inflatable mattress and a fuzzy dog to pet.

* My husband and I live in a 1 bedroom in Brighton. We have a pull out sofa the living room for anyone who might need a place to stay. We also have a cat… for those who are allergic.

* Couch can hold one or two people. Also have a sleeping bag.

* I’m an RA in an undergrad dorm at MIT. I’ve got a futon, a comfortable couch, and a loveseat. Also blankets and pillows. If you don’t mind a dorm bathroom and kitchen, you’re welcome to crash for a night until the chaos dies down.

* I have a small studio on beacon st around the corner from Copley square and I’m happy to have 1-2 people stay for a few days. I can stay at a friends in the meantime so it’s not a problem. Feel free to call or email me at 

* We have an L couch to offer, one long section and a short section that can fit a smaller (5ft) person. Not much but we’re happy to help!

* I’m in the process of downsizing my 17 room house in Boxford which currently has three places to sleep and moving to Groveland which has two places to sleep. There are nice kitchens and bathrooms in both places – Boxford actually has 4 bathrooms. if someone doesn’t mind dealing with the disorgnization of a move, I can accomodate them for a few days.

And they say people in the city are cold.

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