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Men deported for being too good-looking

by | 19th, April 2013

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HANDSOME people have dreadful lives don’t they? All those sexual advances, grooming and deportation! You’re querying the latter? Well, that’s what happened to three fellas from the UAE who were whisked away from a festival in┬áSaudi Arabia for apparently being ‘too good-looking’.

Janadriyah – an annual shindig in Riyadh – was temporarily stopped on Sunday while these three devilishly handsome men were escorted from the event.

Saudi religious police were drawn to the group upon seeing them at the festival’s UAE pavilion.

“Three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds [that] they are too handsome and that the [festival] commission members feared female visitors could fall for them,” said a festival official.

The trio where then deported to Abu Dhabi, where women are presumably more savvy and cynical, able to resist the charms of men with nice faces.

The idea that there’s a religious police force in itself, that determine the destructive nature of people’s good looks isn’t weird at all, is it? Next, people will be getting lashed just for having proud moustaches and the like.

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