Anorak News | Boys find Big Foot in Massachusetts woods

Boys find Big Foot in Massachusetts woods

by | 22nd, April 2013

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CAN a place be a victim of nominative determinism? We ask in light of a discovery in Quincy, Massachusetts. Quincy was the TV based on the investigations of Quincy ME, a pre-CSI Los Angeles County medical examiner. We need him now to take look at what two boys found in the woods around Quincy.

Sgt. Steven Leanues says it looks like a festering foot.

Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera has sent the item to the local medical examiner, who identified it as “not human“. Alvilhiera tells media:

“It will take some time before we hear any official results.”

If Big Foot missing a foot? Is he now, quite literally, Big Foot?


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