Anorak News | Cliff Richard’s music kills plants – Black Sabbath makes them thrive

Cliff Richard’s music kills plants – Black Sabbath makes them thrive

by | 22nd, April 2013

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THE relationship between music and plants has been long muttered about, despite the fact plants don’t have ears. Prince Charlies plays songs to his shrubbery and even Stevie Wonder dedicated an entire LP to our flowering friends.

However, a new experiment has shown that Sir Cliff Richard’s music may actually kill our green cousins.

Chris Beardshaw told BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time that flowers kept near to the hits of Cliff Richard had all perished, although, foul play has not been ruled out.

“Those in the Cliff Richard house all died. Sabotage was suspected but we couldn’t prove it,” he said.

Black Sabbath’s behemoth rock was played in a second greenhouse, while a third was kept silent in a bid to see what happened. Guess what? Both sets of plants survived.

The ones with Black Sabbath – great big, thumping noise, rowdy music – they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease,” the findings said.

So there you have it. Plants like hard rock or complete silence, while Sir Cliff’s warblings makes your stalky pals commit suicide. Stay vigilant, green fingered chums.

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