Anorak News | Twilight comes to Liverpool: Luis Suarez bite sparks copycat attack in school breakfast club

Twilight comes to Liverpool: Luis Suarez bite sparks copycat attack in school breakfast club

by | 23rd, April 2013

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SO suggestible are the youth to the antics of “role models” that mums across the land are upset that Liverpool’s Luis Suarez didn’t finish his meal. If Suarez was going to engage in cannibalism, as the Daily Mail called it, than the player should recognise his position as a role model and finish his dinner. Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic might not appreciate being devoured on the field of play but, as mother of two young children, John Terry’s wife might be.

Mindful of the Suarez effect, the Mail reports on Sharon Ellis who says a biting attack on her 11-year-old son Ryan was “a direct result of the example Suarez had set”.

Says Ellis:

“Suarez’s actions on the football field have led to my son being bitten. The boys were at the school’s breakfast club and there had been some altercation because someone had stood on someone’s foot. The other boy turned round to my son and said, ‘I’m going to do a Luis Suarez, I’m going to bite you.’ And then he went ahead and bit his upper right arm. He then went around bragging to the other children that he had ‘done a Suarez’.”

Ryan, of Connah’s Quay, North Wales, is a Liverpool fan. He now bears the mark of a Chelsea player, and that must hurt. Suarez And Ivanovic is a playground game a bit like Cops And Robbers. All the cool kids want to be the baddies, in this case Suarez. Ivanovic has been cast in the role of the policeman and the nark. Hard cheese on him.

Adds Ellis:

“These aren’t nursery school children, you don’t expect 11-year-olds to go around biting each other. They looked at what Luis Suarez did, he did not even get sent off.”

But the other boy had now been suspended from school. She adds:

“I haven’t heard this child’s name before as being a naughty boy in school, I think it’s just a copycat situation. Suarez should not have done what he did, he’s an adult at the end of the day.”

Let us be thankful that Suarez didn’t rape Ivanovic, or beat him to death with his mouthguard. And let us be thankful that the kids aren’t watching violent vampire fantasy films, like Twilight, in which old men disguised as teenagers bite and impregnate virgin girls. It’d be carnage in the classroom!

Photo: Queens Park Rangers’ Joey Barton mimic’s Luis Suarez after away fans chant he looks like a rat during the Barclays Premier League match at Anfield, Liverpool. Date: 10/12/2011

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