Anorak News | Bangladeshi Building falls down: Primark to blame

Bangladeshi Building falls down: Primark to blame

by | 26th, April 2013

Bangladesh Building Collapse

YOU’LL have seen the story all over the papers. That appalling disaster in Bangladesh where a building fell down killing hundreds.

As a result of which we’ve got the usual suspects crawling out of the woodwork insisting that the UK fashion chains are to blame for what happened. Primark, for example, should be running building inspectors over the factories and offices of all their suppliers.

All of which is really very slightly odd. The Bangladeshi Government itself is indicating that 90% of the buildings in the capital don’t in fact meet even local building codes. Someone in the UK is supposed to do better than this? Bring them up to scratch?

How? After all, it’s not that these buildings don’t have the correct licenses: it’s that bribes were paid to get them.

The answer we’re then given is that Primark and the like should employ NGOs to make sure they are safe. On the usual expat salary and expenses packages, naturally. Or as we might term it, the return of colonialism. You know, the right sort of people sent out from the home country to make sure the wogs are doing things correctly.

The only difference is this time it’s the liberals doing the colonialism.

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