Anorak News | QPR: Happy Harry Redknapp translates Jose Bosingwa’s ‘foreign’ smirk for a biased media

QPR: Happy Harry Redknapp translates Jose Bosingwa’s ‘foreign’ smirk for a biased media

by | 29th, April 2013

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WHEN we saw the pictures of QPR’s Jose Bosingwa smiling in the aftermath of QPR’s demotion to the Championship, we also noticed Harry Redknapp, his manager, smiling, too. Fair enough. It’s a game. Alsays look on the bright side, and all that. Lose with good grace. Tomorrow is another day. Chin up. And so on. But the Mail wants more. The paper leads its sports coverage with “YOU’RE A JOKE”, a story of “fury” at “laughing Boswinga“. We read on:

Queens Park Rangers are furious with Jose Bosingwa after he was caught laughing just moments after the club’s relegation was confirmed…

The player is branded a “mercenary” and a “disgrace“. His smile becomes a “smirk“. And:

His reaction, however, did not come as a complete surprise to his team-mates.

But QPR boss Harry Redknapp is also smiling in the same picture. Eventually, the Mail gets to him. But it’s not to question the English manager’s desire or motivating factors. It’s for him to explain Bosingwa, the Portuguese:

“He was laughing because as he walked down the tunnel, another foreign lad came up and said something to him and he laughed and put his arm around him.  He wasn’t laughing about being relegated, that’s for sure.’


Those funny foreigners, eh. (Did Harry get the joke?)

Not that the Mail was alone in it’s blinkered vision. The Telegraph’s Thom Gibbs wrote:

That was miserable. Like a study in why both of these teams are not good enough for this league. No-one looks that bothered. Jose Bosingwa was smirking as he headed down the tunnel, practically before the referee had finished blowing his final whistle. I’m sure he won’t mind too much…

No word on Redknapp’s smile.

And then there’s Joey Barton:

“I can’t believe QPR have just been relegated and Boswinga was walking down the tunnel laughing. Embarrassing. Show some guts man.”

No word on Redknapp.

It’s also most as  – as if – they’re biased…

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