Anorak News | UN bozo poses with fake Bono

UN bozo poses with fake Bono

by | 1st, May 2013


POLITICIANS love hanging around with pop stars don’t they? It gives them the chance to feel vaguely important and they hope that a little cred will rub off on them so they can impress their bosses or voters.

Well, one United Nations dignitary was left trying to prise his foot from his mouth after he tweeted a picture of himself with U2 frontman, Bono (Mr G8). Oh wait. It wasn’t Bono. It was a man dressed up like Bono.

General Assembly president Vuk Jeremic was left stuck in a moment he’d rather forget, after sharing his photo with all his followers.

Posing proudly with Fake Bono, the politician waved around a peace-sign with his new bezzie, but alas, his new chum was Pavel Sfera, a full-time professional Bono lookalike.

“I thought it was Bono,” he confessed after his gaffe.

Even better than the real thing? Sadly not.

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