Anorak News | Croydon bin officer breaks the Gates of Hell (video)

Croydon bin officer breaks the Gates of Hell (video)

by | 2nd, May 2013

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LOCAL news special. Meet Bharat and Sheela Gandhi of South Norwood, London. Says Mr Gandhi:

“The behaviour by the council person was inexcusable and even dangerous as he left our property vulnerable and without any reason… It would have taken a lot of force to break the gate. There is a bell for people to ring, which he did not.”

The Gandhis, who run the local Neighbourhood Watch, installed a CCTV camera at their property. It recorded a Croydon council worker breaking their gate. The “bin officer” was calling to talk about recycling. He could not navigate beyond the gate. Eventually, he broke it, unhooking the gate from its hinges.

The council has offered to make good the gate to the tune of £100. But Mr Gandhi is not impressed:

 “It is not about money, it is about the principle. It would have taken a lot of force to break the gate…”

Ah, the principle. Anorak’s lawyer friends can hear the till ringing. Ker-ching!

And there is more. Mr Gandhi is aghast that the council worker was carrying no ID:

“Does that not encourage other people to impersonate council officials, which can endanger safety especially vulnerable residents?”

A council spokesman replies:

“We’re waiting for details of the necessary repairs and we will compensate the home owners appropriately for this accidental damage. Staff on the team have been reminded of the importance of carrying their ID at all times and if, as in this case, they have left it at home, a temporary form of identification will be arranged.”

As the couple pose for pictures stood by their gate Arbroath says the couple operate a service that claims to “offer protection against black magic“.

Looking over some of Mr Gandhi’s testimonials, the bin officer could be calling to make an appointment soon:

Felix from London March 2012

Thank you for saving my job. I was threatened with disciplinary action and they even told me that there was a very good possiblity of losing my job before the hearing. The charges against me were dropped. i am sending you a copy of letter from my company to show how serious things were. You are welcome to show these to your other clients.The remedies which were done were very effective.

Arezo from London March 2012

Thank you for helping me get my passport back from Home Office. It was there for 18 months and after doing the remedies not only did i get my passport back but we managed to buy a house of our dream which has fallen through numerous times. Also thank you for helping my brother get a very good job and we are very grateful for all your help and support.

Duria from London 2012

As ever we are grateful to you for all your help and prayers in getting my father completely clear from his cancer. After doing the prayer remedies and his medical treatment at the hospital we started seeing vast improvement in him and now the doctor has given all clear with tests in months time.

Wow, indeed.

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