Anorak News | Woman finds slice of multi-grain bread inside tobacco pouch

Woman finds slice of multi-grain bread inside tobacco pouch

by | 3rd, May 2013

brown bread

JESSICA Fairbairn found a slice of multi-grain bread in a 30g pouch of Port Royal tobacco purchased from the Countdown store in Massey, Auckland, New Zealand.

Brown bread. Might this be a play on rhyming slang and a statement on anti-smoking: brown bread means dead?

Says her mother Emma:

“It looked like Molenberg. It was folded in half, still fresh without any mould or anything. It was totally bizarre.”

She took the pouch back to the shop and handed it to an assistant:

“He took about 15 minutes and came back to say they wouldn’t replace it because it was a security issue.”

A spokesperson for Countdown responds:

“Tobacco is stored in a secure location and is imported in a sealed pouch which is cellophane wrapped when soldIt would therefore be unusual to find a piece of fresh bread in a tobacco pouch, so it’s not unreasonable that we would investigate what’s happened.”

Port Royal learnt of the story and sent a representative to hand-deliver a fresh pouch of tobacco to woman’s door.

She did not smoke the bread.

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