Anorak News | Helen Mirren chose David Cameron to back her up in a fight – is she mad?

Helen Mirren chose David Cameron to back her up in a fight – is she mad?

by | 6th, May 2013

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DAME Helen Mirren is front-page news on account of her telling a drumming band to “shut the fuck up”. Upset at the noise affecting her performance in The Audience at Soho’s Gielgud Theatre, Mirren, dressed as The Queen, told the drummers promoting the As One In The Park festival to naff off.

Promoter Joe O’Leary, 32, tells the Sun:

“She said people had paid ‘a lot of f***ing money’ to watch her show and that we were ‘f***ing ruining it’. It was strange to see this little woman in tiara and pearls shouting like that. It’s not the behaviour you’d expect from the Queen.”

The Queen, of course, loves drumming.

One notable element of this story is revealed by Sky News. The Audience is a play about Elizabeth II’s weekly private meetings at Buckingham Palace with the twelve Prime Ministers who have served under her. Sky says Mirren was not alone when she appeared on the street, but with Rufus Wright, who was “dressed as David Cameron“.

How do you dress as a shiny, dish-faced public schoolboy? Don’t you just hire a ready-made version, as Cameron did when he wanted a stunt double to be his Chancellor?And who would you want in your corner in a fight with a band of stick-carrying drummers? The show features actors playing Sir Anthony Eden, Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Gordon Brown, John Major, David Cameron, James Callaghan and Winston Churchill. Cameron would be few people’s wing man in any bout of fisticuffs. We’d go for, in order of best-to-worst scrapper:


PS: Tony Blair had an urgent appointment. He’d have love to been at the fight and sends his best to all the guys.

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