Anorak News | Survive magnetic pole shift, 500lb hailstones and nuclear war in a Hardened Structure

Survive magnetic pole shift, 500lb hailstones and nuclear war in a Hardened Structure

by | 7th, May 2013

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LIKE you, we too are worried. Will our Hardened Structures 2012 Shelter be enough in 2013?

The 2012 Shelter was fine for arcane 2012:

Threat Assessment: While the shelter will be designed and constructed to mitigate the anticipated effects of 12/21/2012, no one knows for certain what, if anything will actually occur on this date. However, most engineers and scientists agree that for a fully protected 2012 shelter the following threats must be mitigated;

3-Bars Blast Overpressure of 45 psi
Force 10 Earthquake in successions
450 MPH winds
Extreme Gamma & Neutron attenuation from a 100 megaton air burst detonated 20 miles away
Solar Flares with 1,000,000 volt EMP
Flooding (complete submersion for 100 hours)
Extreme External Fires at 1250 F for 10 days
Magnetic Pole Shift
Radiological, Chemical and Biological Weapons
Forced Entry and Armed Assaults
12’ of snow and 10’ of rain
500 lb Hail Stones or flying debris at a speed of 100 mph

But winds are getting windier:

We address challenges by employing a Multi-Hazard Engineering methodology in our design and planning stages that not only recognizes individual hazards/threats sequentially, but also address all hazards/threats simultaneously as a problem of optimization under constraints. A Hardened Structures facility can be designed to protected against a wide range of threats including:

Frontal Assault and Forced Entry
Economic Collapse / Breakdown of Law & Order
Ballistic / Blast Protection
2012 cataclysm
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosive (CBRE) agents
Ground shock
Fragmentation and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading

But there is nothing for 2013. Last year’s model is no good.

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