Anorak News | Who stole the bear’s bicycle? Circus performer seeks new act

Who stole the bear’s bicycle? Circus performer seeks new act

by | 8th, May 2013

Ukraine Circus

WHO stole the bear’s bicycle? The thief struck as the bear was scheduled to perform at a circus in the Russian republic of Tatarstan.

The story goes that Timofei the bear was deeply upset at not being able to cycle around in circles that he stopped eating. Timofei’s trainer is merely “hysterical”.

The steel bicycle is unfit for humans who don’t look like bears.


Tom Arnolds Circus

Edith Crocker’s Teddy Bears ride motorbikes in Harringay, London, back in 1950. Back then bikes were the go-ahead transport. Nowadays, what with global warming and rising fuel costs, bears have turend to push bikes.


Tom Arnolds Circus

Bikes for short bears, London, 1950.


London Cycle and Motorcycle Show - Earls Court - London

Noel Edmonds’ big break into light entertainments, 1953.


Bertram Mills Circus

Bears at Peter Storm


Hans Grocker shows his high riding bear

During an act of the new clown-owned circus, Hans Grocker shows his high-riding bear during the opening run in Hamburg, Germany on March 27, 1951. “The bear is programmed as the only one in the world which can ride a bicycle as high as this one. He gets on and off with a ladder.”

Good with a ladder, you say? Was the missing bike stored in an upstairs room..?

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