Anorak News | Charles Ramsey becomes the victim of a media hatchet job – gutter press turn on black hero

Charles Ramsey becomes the victim of a media hatchet job – gutter press turn on black hero

by | 9th, May 2013

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CHARLES Ramsey is a hero. He did the right thing when he heard Amanda Berry hollering and broke down the door to save her, a young child, Michele Knight and Gina DeJesus.

Connor Simpson told his readers:

No one is saying that Charles Ramsey isn’t worthy of the “hero” mantle.

Two days on and they are. Katherine Bindley writes in the HuffPost:

Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who has been hailed as a hero for his role in helping to free three women from the house where police say they were held, has a criminal record that includes a history of domestic violence.

So what? He’s not on trial. The women’s kidnappers and rapists soon will be. Ramsey was just the right man in the right place at the right time. The media made him a star and the internet made him a meme. He’s just being himself.

Bindley adds:

As praise for Ramsey’s actions continue to surface from media outlets, it remains to be seen how his past will affect the public’s perceptions of his character.

Nice, eh. Mr Ramsey rescues three women from sexual slavery and gets his character questioned by a hack. He’s not standing for public office. He’s not pontificating on the lives of others. He’s a  man who did the right thing.

The media has praised Ramsey in recent days in part because he said he thought kidnapping victim Amanda Berry, whom he heard screaming from a neighbour’s house, was a victim of domestic violence when he went to help her.

The media praised him. Does he give a toss what the media thinks of him? Did he give toss what the media would think of him when he kicked in that front door? He did the right thing and then, when questioned by the TV news, spoke candidly. But Bindley sits in judgement in the court of popular opinion. She continues:

However, that fact — coupled with Ramsey’s remarks about how he had been raised to help women in distress — now seems to stand in contrast to his past behavior.

What a hideous, cowardly hatchet job.

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart updated a flattering article about Ramsey to reflect the new information, but he said it did nothing to change his mind about the man’s status as a hero.

Having questioned Mr Ramsey’s character, Bindley now defers to another writer who made an opinion. Bindley is inviting her readers to debate Ramsey. Revolting.

And then the aforesaid Simpson gets wind of Ramsey’s rap sheet.

Charles Ramsey is still a hero for the good he did. He undeniably helped save three women from a horrific situation that’s straight out of the worst, most exploitive horror movie you can imagine.


But that doesn’t change the reality that he has a history of violence himself.

Send the man down!

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