Anorak News | Bang With Friends: the only people anonymous are the sex site’s creators

Bang With Friends: the only people anonymous are the sex site’s creators

by | 12th, May 2013

bang with friends

BANG WITH FRIENDS is a site that boasts:

The anonymous, simple, fun way to find  friends who are down for the night.

Your friends will never know you’re interested unless they are too!  (Completely private & discreet until both friends are down to bang!)  

Only, it’s not all that anonymous. Indeed, the only thing that might be anonymous are the three college students who made the app. You just go here to find out which of your pals installed the app.

Bang With Friends state

We take privacy very seriously at Bang With Friends and the vast majority of users will not show up in such a search. If you installed the app after January, you won’t show up (unless you manually changed your privacy setting).

We launched right before Facebook’s Graph Search functionality opened up to a wider audience. For the first few days after we launched, the default setting in Facebook when a user installed our app was set to the user’s default setting for all apps. For many users, that was “Public” or “Friends.”

We quickly adjusted this (back in January) once we realized that Graph Search did this. After we discovered this issue, we made the default for our app “Only Me.”

Bang With Friends is pretty to the point and should appeal to reporters looking for a story and women trying to trap their man into admitting that he fancies HER. It will branch out into other areas:

Harangue With Friends – once you’re caught shagging a family pal.

Gang with Friends – why not just invite everyone?

Rang With Friends – Pals hook up over the ‘telephone’.

Orang-outang With Friends – For zoophiles.

Wolfgang With Friends – People who fancy Mozart.

Anorak, meanwhile, is delighted to bring to market the app. “Get Better Looking Friends”…

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