Anorak News | Which actress is unrecognisable without her bangs?

Which actress is unrecognisable without her bangs?

by | 15th, May 2013

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A SIMPLE haircut prompts most ludicrous fashion and tabloid writers to hoot about celebrities like they’re shape-shifting lizards, when really, it is just a human who fancied a change.

Endless columns are written, debating about whether a person getting some new clothes or a hairdo is a good thing or, indeed, what it suggests for their future.

Most of the time, it means absolutely nothing, just like a hair cut in the real world.

HOWEVER. Someone got their hair done differently and you can barely recognise them. Seriously. Like they’re a shape-shifting lizard or something. Look at this woman. Any idea who it is?

Let us take a closer look at them. They seem familiar don’t they?

Well done to those who spotted that the star was Zooey Deschanel. With no bangs (that’s a fringe to you and me), she weirdly looks like a whole other human. It’s bizarre.

Zooey appeared without her trademark bonce at the 2013 Met Gala in New York and everyone is having kittens about it.

Without her fringe, she’s certainly less ‘adorkable’, as people on the internet say. So what does this mean for her career? Is she going to go for more mature roles and less geeky affairs?

Answer: Who cares?

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