Anorak News | HSBC selfishly fail to lock Bill Oddie inside their HQ

HSBC selfishly fail to lock Bill Oddie inside their HQ

by | 15th, May 2013

The Great Gorilla Run
WHEN we heard that Bill Oddie, had been evicted from HSBC’s London headquarters while making a film about the bank’s ties to loggers in the state of Sarawak in Borneo we wailed. Why didn’t they lock him inside?
Oddie’s been protesting against deforestation for palm oil plantations for campaign group Global Witness. Oddie’s starring in a film called Bankwatch. In it he is seen “entering the territory of a creature that’s very closely related to man”, namely “the banker”.
If you want to see a real freak show look beyond the bankers to the tribe known as BBC TV presenters.
In the film, Oddie talks to camera:
 “Like most great predators, the HSBC banker sits at the top of the financial food chain totally oblivious to the impact of its appetite on the local eco-system. The HSBC banker has a diet which is made up almost exclusively of molluscs and Bollinger so the millions made from logging in Borneo are key to his survival.” 
 As soon as Oddie starts talking about what HSBC is doing wrong, I feel an urge to open an account with them.

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