Anorak News | Racism map reveals the world’s most and least racist places

Racism map reveals the world’s most and least racist places

by | 16th, May 2013

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SWEDISH researchers were looking at race:

The survey asked respondents in more than 80 different countries to identify kinds of people they would not want as neighbors. Some respondents, picking from a list, chose “people of a different race.” The more frequently that people in a given country say they don’t want neighbors from other races, the economists reasoned, the less racially tolerant you could call that society. (The study concluded that economic freedom had no correlation with racial tolerance, but it does appear to correlate with tolerance toward homosexuals.)…

The findings:

Anglo and Latin countries most tolerant. People in the survey were most likely to embrace a racially diverse neighbor in the United Kingdom and its Anglo former colonies (the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and in Latin America. The only real exceptions were oil-rich Venezuela, where income inequality sometimes breaks along racial lines, and the Dominican Republic, perhaps because of its adjacency to troubled Haiti. Scandinavian countries also scored high.

• India, Jordan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong by far the least tolerant.

* France appeared to be one of the least racially tolerant countries on the continent, with 22.7 percent saying they didn’t want a neighbor of another race.

• The Middle East not so tolerant.

• Racial tolerance low in diverse Asian countries.

• South Korea, not very tolerant, is an outlier.

• Pakistan, remarkably tolerant, also an outlier…Pakistanis are more racially tolerant than even the Germans or the Dutch.

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