Anorak News | Scottish Nationalists attack Nigel Farage for being too much like them

Scottish Nationalists attack Nigel Farage for being too much like them

by | 17th, May 2013

UKIP attempt to woo Scottish voters

NIGEL Farage, the UKIP leader, was shouted and screamed at in Edinburgh. The MEP was forced to escape the crowd in a police riot van. The gaggle of self-declared anti-racists and Scottish nationalists joined forces to create an illiberal mob.

When nationalists and anti-racists join forces, something’s a bit smelly. They called Farage a racist and a homophobe. They demanded that the man they call intolerant and insular get off “their” streets.

Farage was forced to leave the Canon’s Gait pub when the landlord had enough of the aggro. Farage tried to get in a tax but the driver refused to take him. Then another declined to pick him up. So the police bundled him back inside the boozer, blocked the door and called for the van.

Farage told media:

“We’ve never, ever, ever had this kind of response. Is this a kind of anti-English thing? It could be.”

As one site puts it:

NIGEL Farage stared through the looking glass yesterday as he was besieged in an Edinburgh pub by demented nationalists. The UKIP leader had gone to Scotland to talk about why the country you come from is the most important thing about you, but was forced to flee by some furious Scottish people who believe exactly the same thing…

Bill McKay, a Scottish Farage, said: “I want to kill that posh English bastard and his message of hate.”

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