Anorak News | The Orthodox Church of Moldova wants gays to expect ‘severe consequences’

The Orthodox Church of Moldova wants gays to expect ‘severe consequences’

by | 19th, May 2013


GAY Rights are hard won in Moldova. The Orthodox Church of Moldova have issued a statement about a Gay Pride at the  “Rainbow Over the Dniester” festival:

His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir addressed a message to General Mayor of Chisinau, Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca, pleading that the authorities do not allow the organization of a gay pride planned for the 19th of May.

It is mentioned in the message: “The Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova continues to believe that this is a defying initiative, conflicting with moral values and decency. At the same time, a potential march of sexual minorities on the streets of Chisinau will be nothing else but a strong provocation with severe consequences, taking into account general repulsion of the population towards the deviant behavior of homosexuals and lesbians…”

Nice, eh. Blame the people seeking freedom and  the right to be themselves for violence against them.

Photo: Moldovan nationalists knock on the door of the gay and lesbian headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova Sunday May 11, 2008. Organizers for the gay and lesbian group said they were forced to call off the Gay Pride march on Sunday because they felt police could not guarantee their safety.

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