Anorak News | Man stole beef joint because it looked like his dead grandmother

Man stole beef joint because it looked like his dead grandmother

by | 25th, May 2013

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WHAT do the women in your family look like? If you’re Jesus, your mother often looks like tree stumps, rocks, dried mango or stains. John Casey’s grandmother looks like a joint of raw beef.

Casey, 51, was spotted secreting a £12 lump of dead cow in a rucksack at Asda’s Washington Galleries store last October.

But he wasn’t stealing it. He says he was removing it from sight because it was giving him “flashbacks” to his grandma, who died of a blood clot when he was a boy.

As Prosecutor Michael Hodson told the court:

“The defendant accepts placing the joint of beef in his bag deliberately. He says he did so because he was experiencing a flashback to his grandmother’s traumatic death, which had been triggered by the sight of the joint of beef. He says it was necessary to conceal the beef in order to control the effects of the flashback.”

And then there’s dear old Aunt Bessie, who after being run over by a steamroller looked exactly like a Yorkshire pudding; uncle Ray who was impaled on a carrot; little Tommy whose sick looked so much like chicken gravy; spud faced Uncle Bruce; and the milky skinned aunty Joyce who bloody face after an accident in the threshing machine reminds him of the supermarket own-brand Raspberry Pavlova…

Mr Casey was found guilty.

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