Anorak News | Popstar Laura Miller’s boob falls out during TV performance

Popstar Laura Miller’s boob falls out during TV performance

by | 28th, May 2013

laura miller boob

REMEMBER when Janet Jackson had a perfectly orchestrated ‘malfunction’ with her wardrobe during the Super Bowl, when her boobie fell out?

Well, it has happened again, except this time, it looks like a genuine accident (albeit one that could’ve been prevented with, say, a bra or a top that actually fits).

The Argentinian singer, Laura Miller, was performing her song Si Me Dejas No Vale when her breast popped out. Not that you’re actually reading these words. You’ve already skipped all this and gone straight to the video. If you’re at work, you haven’t waited to see  our ‘not safe for work’ warning.

We’d do the acronym that is easier to spot, but we’re being peevish for those skimming reading our beautiful prose.

Anyway, the singer realises what’s happened after far too long, only when a member of the production team points out her boob.

The singer then covers her mouth in embarrassment and the song continues without her.

Watch the video here and, if you get sacked at work, it is your own fault.


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